How to Live on a Tight Budget? Saving Answers

Title: How to Live on a Tight Budget? Saving Answers
Title: How to Live on a Tight Budget? Saving Answers

As a human, everyone dreams of a life filled with comfort, ease, and reliability where they don’t have to worry about a single thing in this world and enjoy all the luxuries they can forever. Some of us can do so as they have achieved highs of success through different sources and now living on the life that everyone desires. While some, or rather many of us, are struggling to survive through the thick and thin of experience with hard work and from the best source of income they can ever find.

Living a comfortable life is not the same for everyone. Every night, some shut their eyes in their warm, comfortable bed with a whole day spent with happiness, comfort, and necessities, while some sleep after getting satisfied for at least one proper meal of the day. Everyone’s perspective of living a comfortable life is entirely different.

We can also look at that many people have all the luxuries they want in life and are still not happy and satisfied with it. While smiling away with joy with just small things, they happen to get in some lucky days of their life. It’s a whole circle of understanding and thinking where millions of minds revolve around the meaning, importance, and satisfaction of life.

What does it mean to have a challenging and comfortable life?

We all know the answer to this question, but still, it’s essential to clarify it properly. Let’s take examples from the people around us. 

Our countries are designed and distributed into four different categories of society statuses; Elite or high class, rich, average, and weak. Even in these categories, a list of sub-categories is also available, which divides our society into different financial statuses. 

Furthermore, concluding tho distribution, every city in these countries has different town squares and streets where only the elite and high-class and rich people live. Who are the elite and high class? They are people with enough money to live away from a tension-free lifestyle with every expensive necessity they want. 

On the other hand, there is a section in between that is the average society where ordinary people with healthy, sustainable lives live. And last but not least, the poor category where needy and very needy people come whose lives are difficult to beer and feel. 

So the primary example that e intend to mention is the rich and poor example where earning money becomes easy a pie and hard as a rock at both ends. It’s easy answering this question in one statement; You have money, you have everything, but if you don’t, you have to have it to have everything. 

How does it work to become financially stable? 

Another question that goes to the top with hundreds of answers around us. Money earning is easy yet hard too. Although it’s a time where people are bombarded with job opportunities, no matter online or live jobs, we can see many opportunities around us, swirling around in the air. Yes, it’s that much easy to look out for job options as compared to old times. Yet, still, people are not able to live the life they desire and dream of in their lives. It’s also essential that you have money in today’s time. Why do you think? Because the cost of a happy life is expensive now. 

Like everyone else around you, you must have come to understand how much you need to understand the importance of life and how you can earn it with easiness. Well, it’s simple. The more you think it’s essential, the more it will feel like it. 

People living with balanced lives do not prefer money over everything around them. They know money is needed in a time of need and nothing more. It should also work that way, or you will be lost in the world of money greed forever. And that’s how you keep yourself stable financially. No matter your job or post, it depends on you he much serious money is for you and how you spend it,

Saving while earning; Possible?

It comes down to ou min question, and that is how to live on a tight budget? Well, if you are a hard worker and earning through your sweats to get on with life, you will also be aware of the term—saving. While going through necessities, your goal must b looking out for something extra to keep for future purposes, and that’s why every average man thinks nowadays.

 As everything is getting expensive around us, we tend to save ourselves the hassle of spending too much on one thing and pay less on something almost the same yet appealing. Or rather some multiple items in the same limit but within budget. A wise man always thinks that way if he intends to save money.

While doing so, one with a slightly tight budget finds it hard to adjust some extra cash out before spending. That’s where the problem starts, and it’s every struggling person’s story. If you are counted in one of them, then fear not as we are here to give you some relatable answers that will help you adjust your tight salary and take out something that can relax your nerve in the name of saving.

Saving up from a tight budget

  1. Cut back on big spendings: One of the easiest ways to spend extra on a whim is the large spendings on items you barely need. Electrical appliances like televisions, speakers, mobiles, tablets, laptops, and other personal pleasure items do not need our attention all the time. If you are a fan and wish to walk with the trends, you need to cut back on that. Try having an excellent and affordable smartphone and an internet connection, and you can do several tasks like playing games, work, and surf at one time. 

Don’t get caught in the habit of showing off and balancing your image for other’s sake. Stay in your limits and stay out of extra shopping aisles. 

  1. Use cash instead of credit card:  No matter what financial status you have, try to adjust your spending with money more than a credit card. It’s a source that lets a person become careless and spend without knowing how much he has in the bag. Keep some money change and pay according to the count you have available in your wallet. Carry fewer cards with yourself to refrain from any selfish urges of spending some extra cash.
  1. Don’t use the whole house: Bills take up almost 70% of our earnings every month. If you are a small family, you don’t need to sit separately in every room and use electricity, water, and gas all the time. Guide your house members to stay in one place as much as possible and don’t engage in an extra activity, which requires one of these things. Turn off any additional lights or fans if not in use and use water only for necessity purposes. Prefer gas in warm weather more and for bathing purposes mostly.
  1. Follow the grocery list: Grocery stores and markets are attractive enough to make the buyer feel more urge to need everything he or she sees there. It becomes necessary to buy everything at the sight because we think we need it, but in reality, we don’t. Extra cooking materials that are not required either you should stay away from your hands. You can treat yourself once in a while and only buy the needed ingredients at the time of your cooking need. Don’t go berserk with shopping lists and stick to basics.
  1. Start from 1%:  It doesn’t matter ho much you earn as long as your primary concern is your consistency in saving money. If you have, you are future planned for yourself or your family; you will never be stressed for taking something out of your pleasure list. Always start from the minimum that you can begin with, like saving 1% of your salary into a non-opening box.

 All you have to do is to put the money straight after getting into the box and forget about it. It maybe hard in the beginning but trust me, 1% never stops anyone. It’s alright if you don’t eat ice cream for a while if your main concern is your future goal, not a temporary pleasure.

  1. Plan your budget:  Planning always works out in the end as everything that you need and to do in jot down in a notebook. Note down all the items you need for next month plans and see where you need to cut back. Make sure to take out that 1% before planning your month. Find affordable places to do your necessary shopping like discount stores and sales. It’s not important to wear something expensive if both simple and expensive clothes are going to serve the same purpose.


You must know that there are more than one sources that provide the same quality of your items in different ranges like smartphones that have the same features but belong from different company. That’s why you should also never give up for good things and lookout for sources that provide same necessities for you, yet in affordable range. It ill make your life easier and better with a wise thinking for a long time. 

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