How Health Insurance Protects a Person From Health And Financial Risks?

How Health Insurance Protects a Person From Health And Financial Risks?
How Health Insurance Protects a Person From Health And Financial Risks?

Having health insurance, irrespective of the age of a person is important for several reasons. No one plans to get sick but everyone needs medical care at some point. Uninsured people receive less care and so they have worse health outcomes. In simple words, the lack of health insurance is a fiscal burden for them. 

In today’s era, there is much emphasis on taking good care of your health and family, after all, “health is wealth”- a most famous proverb. If you believe that prevention is better than cure, buying family health insurance policies may have a role to play.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Family Health Insurance?

Here are a few key points that would help understand what family health policies might typically offer:

  1.   Peace of mind

The very worst aspect of health is uncertainty. Even if you are strong physically, you might have no idea what’s going inside you. Even when part of dealing with that is easy; being able to have financial help restores your peace of mind more quickly. Or we can say that with a health plan, a person avoids delays in paying for his or her illness. 

  1.  Fast return to normality

Being able to get your condition treated early will enable you to get back and enjoy vital moments of life-i.e. living it;

  1. Provision for loved ones 

Being a care provider for your loved ones you can’t ignore the importance of health insurance policy which ensures that you’re much concerned about the health of loved ones. Moreover, it ensures that every family member is financial potentially protected 24/7. 

  1.  Convenience

Typically, if a person has private health insurance coverage, he will find it much easier to obtain appointments at clinics or hospitals that are convenient both geographically and in terms of times and dates.

  1. Flexibility

You can tailor the benefits provided under a family health plan to suit your family circumstances and budget. Likewise, a person may also include or exclude cover for outpatient treatments depending upon personal views as to what type of health coverage is necessary for the present situation.

Why the Majority of Americans Are Reluctant To Purchase Health Insurance Coverage?

The lack of education makes the ACA (Affordable Care Act) difficult to understand and that’s why majority Americans are confused between getting the health care that they need–––as a result, they are facing huge financial strain. They should know that government health plans are designed to secure them against the expensive plans that they are looking for elsewhere. 

According to a recent analysis, above 2 million Americans are probably overpaying for their health insurance. Even though they qualify for government subsidies when purchase insurance on government-run exchanges, many of them aren’t taking advantage of the discount. These horror stories have been in peak since past few days. 

How to Get Health Insurance for Unemployed?

Even if a person has lost his job and only left with unemployment, he cannot ignore the importance of having health insurance. Because of unemployment, finances will be restrictive and health options may get limited but you still have several possible options to protect yourself under the following programs: 

  1. Medicaid: Medicaid coverage is the biggest milestone in the US health care reform, designed to provide low-cost health insurance to millions of low-income or unemployed people. 

Medicaid also covers:

  • Parents
  • Pregnant women
  • People with disabilities

How to apply for Medicaid?

  • You can apply through the Health insurance marketplace. Once you submit your application, you can qualify for an individual health plan based on income and savings instead. 

Each state has different requirements to apply for the Medicaid program. Therefore, it is advisable to contact your state Medicaid department to check your eligibility. 

  1. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 

Health coverage through CHIP is offered 365 days a year and is a free or low cost for children if applied through the Obamacare CHIP program. So if you are unemployed, ObamaCare kids programs are no reason to wait to ensure your kid’s coverage. 

There are 2 ways to see if your kid is eligible for the CHIP program:

What the Children’s Health Insurance Program Offers Now?

If your kid qualifies for the CHIP, you can expect to receive 26 “preventative health services” completely free. Some of these services include obesity screening and counseling, vaccinations, screening for depression, screening for autism and free iron supplements for kids age between 6-12 months. 

  • Moreover, CHIP also covers 10 essential health services that include; vision care, pediatric dental care, emergency services, mental health services, maternity, and newborn care. 

How to Pick the Best Online Health Insurance Quote Near You?

Choosing the right online health plan is not a tedious task as you have a lot of affordable options available everywhere on the internet. However, before you choose an online health insurance quote near you, keep in mind a few basics such as deductible amount, premium, copay, and coinsurance.

For your assistance, we have summed up a checklist and smart ways of picking up the best quote according to your medical needs and budget. Remember, the right insurance could help a person save a thousand dollars. 

  • Anticipate your “must-haves.”
  • Don’t overbuy
  • Understand your options and check your network
  •  Cover your prescribed drugs
  • Consider your dependents.

Last words

A family health insurance will cover you (the policyholder), your beloved spouse and your children in the event of illness or injury. But choosing the best affordable plan requires a considerable amount of time and effort. You can choose from a variety of family health plans that can cover your entire treatment costs at affordable rates. This ensures that a person, no matter how well-off he is, can still get a medical plan to keep him and his family members healthy and shining. 

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